InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance
InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance

Investment strategy

InnovaFonds invests in equity and quasi-equity in French SMEs in growth capital and/or buy-out transactions.

Our investment criteria

InnovaFonds targets leading French SMEs in growth capital and/or buy-out transactions.

  • Committed and experienced investment team

  • SMEs with high growth potential in France and export markets

  • Proven industrial, technological and/or commercial expertise

  • Market leader and strong strategic position

  • Revenues between € 10M and € 150M

We invest from € 2M to € 15M with underwriting commitments of up to € 30M.

Growth capital and buy-out transactions

Minority or majority shareholder

Mainly leadership position

An active partner creating value

InnovaFonds provides management with its expertise and networks, while supporting not only strategic thinking and growth perspectives, but also operational and financial leverage options.

A partner for International business development

InnovaFonds assists SMEs in their international development by identifying growth potential areas, and leveraging its networks to facilitate the opening of new business operations.

Digital transformation

InnovaFonds partners with management on their digital strategy, technological evolution of their business, and upgrades of their toolsets.

External growth

InnovaFonds works with SMEs management to define their acquisition strategy and identify targets either directly or via its networks.

Business adjustments

As a contributor to their business evolution, InnovaFonds helps management to adapt to business development challenges (managerial tools, top executives recruitment, cross-functional team implementation…)

Creation of synergies between portfolio companies

InnovaFonds favors building a partnership among its portfolio companies that can share their competences on common projects, discuss operational themes, and build on their experience (optimization of purchasing function, business connections, industrial and commercial organization, "Best Practices ", ...)


Our ESG initiative

By adopting an Impact and ESG approach that will create value over time, InnovaFonds acts a responsible investor.
Indeed, the InnovaFonds team has implemented an ambitious and committed ESG approach resulting in a positive impact on the real economy: job creation and community dynamization, talent training and development, decarbonisation and biodiversity preservation, promotion of diversity...

Our mission aims to support SMEs in a coherent and caring transformation based on a positive environmental and social approach combining economic performance, energy transition and workforce well-being.

InnovaFonds published its ESG Charter in 2015 and it has been regularly updated along a 3-prong approach:

  • ✔︎ Reducing environmental impact and promoting energy transition
  • ✔︎ Promoting responsible management of human resources
  • ✔︎ Ensuring exemplary governance

In recent years, InnovaFonds has taken several steps in structuring its ESG Impact approach: joining the ESG Charter of France Invest, signing of the Principles for Responsible Investment (A+ rating for global strategy), joining the International Climate Initiative, measuring the management company's and shareholdings' carbon footprint, appointing two persons within the team in charge of monitoring the approach, integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the portfolio monitoring.