InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance
InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance

InnovaFonds: an investment partner for growth

Founded in 2008, InnovaFonds is an independant private equity management company that invests through growth-capital or buy-out transactions with an entrepreneurial approach.

With nearly 10 years of experience focused on the financing and growth of small and medium-sized companies, InnovaFonds assists management with their business development projects.

Our investments

InnovaFonds currently manages over € 200M in four investment vehicules. Investment amounts range from € 2M to € 10M in equity and quasi-equity transactions and is positioned to make underwriting commitments of up to € 20M.

Offices: Paris and Lyon


€ M under management

Our investment strategy

InnovaFonds actively supports companies in their business development projects through a minority or majority shareholder position.

Our investment criteria

InnovaFonds targets leading French small and medium-sized companies with capital growth and/or buy-out challenges.

  • Committed and experiences investment team

  • High growth potential in France and in export market

  • Industrial, technological and/or proven commercial expertise

  • Market leader and strong strategic positioning

  • Revenues between € 10M and € 150M


Our investment approach

InnovaFonds is committed to actively support its client's management in achieving sustainable growth and value while providing expertise, advice, and networks.