InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance
InnovaFonds Partenaire Croissance


An active investment partner for growth

The company

Founded in 2011, InnovaFonds is an independent private equity management company known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit and a hands-on involvement in clients companies.

In addition to its team's successful investment and combined experience, InnovaFonds has a proven track-record in its industrial and financial expertise.

InnovaFonds currently manages over € 350M in five investment vehicules and has offices in Paris and Lyon.



€ M under management

An entrepreneurial approach serving SMEs

InnovaFonds acts as a "sparring partner", and actively participates with management to develop their growth strategy.

InnovaFonds' core approach is to set up management and their teams as primary development drivers.

While establishing a relationship based on alignment of interests, InnovaFonds brings investment experience and networks to its clients to create long-term value.


serving SMEs


for investments and investors


discipline, trust and transparency

A base of loyal investors

InnovaFonds' investors are institutional investors or entrepreneurs.
These investors trusts us with our long-term vision and strategy.


A complementary and experienced investment team

The management team includes experienced investment professionals who have a keen knowledge of the challenges involved with the development and organization of SMEs both in France and internationally.